Pet Nat

Yetti and the Kokonut Pet Nat 2018

50% Pinot Blanc, 50% Pinot Meunier
Southern Barossa
Alc 12.2%

2018 started with a heat wave in early January and all the vines in South Australia felt it.  We bank on this vineyard in the southern Barossa as our first pick of the season and a good guide for what to expect that vintage. We have picked it this year on 28th of January and were very happy when the fruit came off. Like last year, this Pet Nat is 50% pinot blanc, 50% pinot meunier picked from the same vineyard on the same day. The pinot meunier is always a touch riper then the pinot blanc. 

Definitely less explosive then last year!!! Very happy with result. 

Fruit upfront, very pretty first and second palette, driven by red fruit like blue berry, black berry and white over hanging flowers characters. Best to be enjoyed on a sunny day in the park with your best friends 


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