Yetti ”lock in” love box 2

Left to right

  1. Bink ‘Paperman” cabernet franc
  2. “Egg wine” 2019 Red Semillon
  3. “Salsa Verde” Verdelho
  4. “CC&dry” (Pedro Ximenez, chenin blanc and Crouchen)
  5. “Mount” Savagnin
  6. Geyer Wine Co “Let’s be friends”

A six pack (or doz if you want to double up) for the lonely times during (hopefully not) a 2 week quarantine. This one with featured wineries Geyer Wine CO and Bink wines


“Egg wine” red semillon

Picked from Kuitpo, Adelaide Hills and fermented for 210 days on skins in a ceramic egg.

Pure Funk in a bottle!!!


Field blend of Pedro, chenin and Crouchen, fermented together in tank.

The most ‘euro’ wine we ever made, very trashy and love every bid of it!!!

Geyer wine co ‘Let’s be Friends’

Petit verdot-montepulciano blend

Epic wedding between two varieties that bring power, structure and elegance together

Bink “Paperman” Cabernet franc

100% cabernet franc

A style between AUS and EURO. Fluid mouthfeel with complex second pallet